Sunday, January 8, 2012

Age is a matter of perspective

Perhaps we get more introspective as we get older, or we just become more attune to the fact that we have a shorter amount of time ahead of us than behind us. In either case, I find myself wanting to impart nuggets of wisdom on to the younger generation. But getting them to listen is quite another problem. When we are young, we think the older adults are weird and they do not understand us, but as I have become a part of that older generation, I find that I do understand the younger people very well. We remember how it was to be young, and even though we rocked out to punk and classic 80’s tunes, we have not forgotten what it feels like to be young. As you age you have your memories to guide you through life, but when you are young you only have your hormones. Would I give up my wisdom for a youthful glow? No way. I think part of growing older is finally being comfortable with who you are and not so much afraid of what other’s may think of you. And such confidence lends itself to expression. And hence as we mature, we seek to put to paper our thoughts and concerns. But in the end I think it is our experiences that make us writers, don’t they? We write about what we know and where we come from. Thinking back to my youth I can remember struggling to find things to write about, but as I have grown up, I don’t need to struggle anymore. Age has afforded me the luxury of reflection, and such musings have made my writing, not better, but maybe more poignant. After all a writer is merely someone who captures a thought or describes a meadow in such a way as to give the reader pause, and a new perspective. So today I find myself thankful for my age, 47. I have lived a life and had the gift of being able to impart my experiences along the way to paper. And so if you paint, sew, build, plant, or mold out of clay, always strive to express yourself. Allow your wisdom to come through in what you do, and hope that sooner or later, a younger ear, or eye, will be distracted enough from their life to appreciate all that you have accomplished.

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